2 new TG captions

What if you had a magic spell that could give you sexy legs? Would you use it on your best friend... or yourself?


TG caption from a guest

Rae just emailed me a nice TG caption. I hope you enjoy the work. Many thanks to the continuing contribution of our guests.  Watch out for those tricky girlfriends and their friends. Specially the ones that have laser beams coming out of their eyes!


The continuation of a great TG year!

I found time to make a few more TG captions for everyone. I noticed that last year, there has been an explosion of TG caption sites. It makes me happy that there are many many more TG captions that we all can find on the web. Specially with Yahoo Groups constantly closing TG groups, the openness of Blogger is refreshing.


Happy New TG Year

Welcome TG 2010! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that everyone got that special bodysuit under their Christmas tree. Here are a few more TG captions.

Did you make sure your make up was right for NYE?