TG captions: #600 and one year old.

Here are 5 more TG captions for your enjoyment. Now, it has been more than a year that I started making captions. How time goes by fast! It has been an enjoyable creative outlet and I hope that you have enjoyed my work as well. In this post, it is my TG caption #600, if I count number of pages made. Enjoy.


  1. Whoo, 600!

    That's all the caps. Now I can't make any caps, because you've already made them all!

  2. Nice to see you here - Long live the Mutual Appreciation Society!

  3. congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.

    And 600 caps is a lot that's almost 2 a day. On to the next 600 :D

  4. I think the second thought bubble distracted from the first one. The social standing from going from man to woman is one thing, but trying to add a complaint about revealing swimwear left us with less than we wanted.