TG comic: Pranked Or Not

I hope you enjoy this short 4 page TG comic.

When Brian makes the mistake of courting a local thug's little sister, he finds himself in a dangerous situation. Hiding with the help of his friend may be the only solution. But his friend is a jokester or is he?


  1. You appear to have posted this comic in the wrong place - was it supposed to be with all the other captions or is it intended ot be a stand a lone comic?

  2. Hi, it is short comic of just 4 pages. It is intended to be together with all the other short comics (fewer than 5 pages). Thank you for pointing it out. I do make mistakes and I appreciate you (and everyone else) keeping an eye out for errors.

  3. no problem - the new material is not showing up on the galleryu at all - if I hadn't checked the Home page I wouldn't have known - also the date is acting funny on the Gallery page under the TG caps (single) file the date is in October or something equally weird.