3 two page TG captions

Just made another 3 two page TG captions and a few more single panel TG captions for your enjoyment.


TG caption: really short skirt

Love to wear something like this.


TG captions: #600 and one year old.

Here are 5 more TG captions for your enjoyment. Now, it has been more than a year that I started making captions. How time goes by fast! It has been an enjoyable creative outlet and I hope that you have enjoyed my work as well. In this post, it is my TG caption #600, if I count number of pages made. Enjoy.

TG comic: Pranked Or Not

I hope you enjoy this short 4 page TG comic.

When Brian makes the mistake of courting a local thug's little sister, he finds himself in a dangerous situation. Hiding with the help of his friend may be the only solution. But his friend is a jokester or is he?