Lots of more TG captions

I've been playing around a lot at RachelsHaven which in turn translates to a lot of TG captions. If you followed me there then you might have seen them there. If not, nothing like my blog to have then all neatly in one place.

Someone recently posted this comment: "What the hell is this web site. You're a freak dude, just get the sex change. It's obvious you want to." But looking at the poll, it seems that the majority of this blog's readers are heterosexuals. Do plastic surgeons offer group discounts? We would have to rent a bus to take us all over there.


  1. Well your poll was skewed because there is no Transgendered option - besides which one's gender identity and sexuality are two different things.

  2. Beautiful girl, beautiful tie in with the beads, and love the bet between the boyfriend and girlfriend. Ironic that a changed man is a more beautiful woman than a natural born one.

  3. @Crusoe, It really depends on the natural born woman though. Plus, I'm sure there are always some magic potion or spell to make everyone beautiful.