From comixxxs.com to tgcomix.com

For a long time this blog was comixxxs.com but that doesn't really capture the TG'ness of it so I'm transitioning to a new more TG'er name - TGcomix.com. I apologize if you ran into broken links and glitches. I'm going through everything and fix them all. Thank you for your patience and for visiting the site.

For anyone who linked or bookmarked to www.comixxxs.com, I kindly ask you to please update your links to www.tgcomix.com when you find time.


  1. Why not rename the site to "tgcomixxxs.com" to keep the sites original roots. Plus people won't be confused of the other site *cough* tgcomics.com

  2. Good call, this domain name is much better and easier to remember.

  3. After starting the site as comixxxs.com, I realized that it might confuse people who were looking for general xxx comics. After using it for almost a year, I also think that the many X's made it hard to type and remember, specially with the additional 'S' at the end. Comics are usually referred as Comics or Comix as they are basically pronounced the same. The 'S' at the end , in my opinion, was unnatural. As for tgcomics.com, it is a great quality site with its own identity, amazing work, well-know and established. I'm pretty sure that people will not confuse both sites.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write.