A short TG comic and more cap

Just wanted to let you all know that I posted a another short TG mini series caption and some more single caps. I dabbled with photoshop and I hope you enjoy the different look.


TG Comic: A Bet is a Bet

Inspiration struck this week and I made this short mini TG series. Be extra careful when you gamble and your bets. Enjoy!


Lots of plenty of new captions.

For all the times that I ran out of creativity, there is nothing like making TG captions for other people for a challenge. Here it is several multi-panel short TG comics and a few more TG captions.

I now have created 527 TG caption panels!


Lots of more TG captions

I've been playing around a lot at RachelsHaven which in turn translates to a lot of TG captions. If you followed me there then you might have seen them there. If not, nothing like my blog to have then all neatly in one place.

Someone recently posted this comment: "What the hell is this web site. You're a freak dude, just get the sex change. It's obvious you want to." But looking at the poll, it seems that the majority of this blog's readers are heterosexuals. Do plastic surgeons offer group discounts? We would have to rent a bus to take us all over there.


RachelsHaven is cool.

Perhaps many of you already know about RachelsHaven.com. For the ones that do not know,  it is yet another place to create, share and view great TG captions. Two days ago I started dabbling in it and now I do have a trading cap folder over there if you are interested. The way it works is that you create a TG caption for me and in return I'll do the same for you. These are two TG captions I recently made not to mention that "Massage Parlor" was made for Bren as a TG caption trade.

If you want, you can also just send me an email for any captions requests/preferences you may have. Do you have a good plot for a TG comic? Let me know. Let's get those creative juices flowing!


TG comic: Massage Parlor

For Brian going to massage parlors was going to be a completely different experience. He should have kept away from them. Bad idea to mix lies, massages and witches. Enjoy this short TG comic.

As, as you probably noticed, I addeda  poll to the blog. I'm curious to find out who reads my blog and you're probably curious about it too.


TG captions and white lingerie

There is nothing like a good looking lady walking on heels and a white sexy lingerie. This TG caption says it all.

Enjoy this and the other TG captions I just added to the blog.


From comixxxs.com to tgcomix.com

For a long time this blog was comixxxs.com but that doesn't really capture the TG'ness of it so I'm transitioning to a new more TG'er name - TGcomix.com. I apologize if you ran into broken links and glitches. I'm going through everything and fix them all. Thank you for your patience and for visiting the site.

For anyone who linked or bookmarked to www.comixxxs.com, I kindly ask you to please update your links to www.tgcomix.com when you find time.