New guest tg caption

Thank you very much for answering the call for being a guest tg caption-er! Someone just sent me a tg caption to add to the site. Thank you for sharing your creativity with everyone. I welcome it. I also wanted to let all possible artists that I will not disclose your email or identity. I will simply post the image for you. If you want to share any othe tg captions you may have please feel free to email them to me. If you happen to have many many tg captions I'll even create a folder just for you. Enjoy!


  1. I know this captioner, if it was the original captioner that is. Otherwise someone just submitted a caption they found on amber's site where I submitted this and other captions by that author. I'm hoping it's the original author and hope they submit some new things to this site that I don't even have.

  2. I'm breaking my normal silence to just to say that I am the author of the "Stuck" caption, and it was me who submitted this to Comixxxs as a way of saying thanks for the many great captions on the site. Like a lot of people I sometimes try to turn my back on the tg fantasies and in one such phase I junked most of the captions I had, but again like everyone with the tg bug it always seems to grab me again and I will send in some more material, both old and new.

  3. Then I am guessing you are one in the same as the one I talked to once before through e-mail. I've seen your captions continuing on phlick and they reminded me of the person so this kind of reassures that thought. If you don't mind me asking did you use to go by a different name on your phlick captions and do you remember talking to me through e-mail, I won't mention the other name here since you likely changed your name for a reason. If all this is true I hope you don't mind that I submitted your old captions for amber's site, with phlick coming and going I was never sure if those captions would stay up anywhere so I submitted them there so they would be preserved somewhere.