They are shutting me down!

I just got word from my web host that the content of this site is deemed illegal and I have to remove all the TG comics, captions and pictures, so I did. It saddens me because I enjoyed the customer service and it was affordable. If you can recommend a good adult hosting service please let me know.

I'm looking for a new home...

TG comic: Team member, part 4

In this TG comic segment, Shawn continues to explore his TG suit. He knows he has to keep in shape for the upcoming race. However, he starts to notice that he is not acting like his regular self. Shawn goes to the gym to workout with his friend. Enjoy part 4 of this TG comic.


TG comic: Prison

 Prison is a short TG comic I just completed. I'm working on the next captions of TG comic Team member but I just needed a break from that story. Don't you just love a woman clad in stockings? The pictures looked so hot that I had to use them in a TG story.