TG comic: Experiment

I could not resist but switch and make a quick TG story. This is just 6 panels quickly put together. I do have the pictures for "Team member" all selected and I'll continue that TG comic as soon as possible.


TG comic: Team member, end of part 3

Shawn's dedication to his team continues as he is now wearing the bodysuit. Not only does he look like a girl but he also finds that his looks is not the only thing that has changed... Enjoy the end of part 3 of this TG comic.


TG comic: Team member, part 3

Shawn's story continues in this third TG comic chapter. As Shawn discovers the bodysuit will he be able to resist its temptations?


TG comic: Team Member, part 2

I worked on the next TG comic panels. Here is part 2 of Team Member TG comic. Enjoy!


TG comic: Team Member

Hot of the press is the newest TG comic "Team member." I'm making this comic as a non-profit fundraiser of sorts. I broke down the TG comic in parts so that it can get published faster. This is short part I from what I expect to be a quite long TG comic.

Shawn and his friends like to play poker and have a few drinks every week. But when the stakes get too high for Shawn, he is presented with an option to call or not call his friend's hand. Shawn is sure that it is a bluff or is it?


12 quick TG captions

Why is it that whenever a guy turns into a girl he always wears the most revealing clothes? Is it the inner slut in all of us? The freedom? Or is it telling the world there is no question you are a sexy woman? Here is 12 new quick TG captions that explore the beautiful creatures that women are.