TG comic: Bikini Car Wash

Here is a quick short tg comic. I saw the photo sequence and just had to make a tg comic out of it.

Michael went to the bikini beach and decided to sulk at home. His friend asked him to help wash the car. With nothing better to do, Michael decided to lend a hand....


8 more TG captions

Just finished another 8 TG captions. From all the girls I have seen, this picture has to be one of the sexiest so far. He/she might not be able to control this body's urges but he/she won't have any trouble finding someone to satisfy those urges either whether he/she wants it or not.


Sunday TG caption edition

It's Sunday again and that means you walk out the door wearing your pj's to pick up your fat bundle of newspapers. You eagerly open the newspaper to the comics section looking forward for your weekly fix of TG captions and comics. I hope you enjoy.  Here is a sample.  Don't you just love a girl in a black dress?


6 TG captions added

Here are another 6 tg captions added. It is summer so it is the time for bikini beach. Because of the weather, I have been doing a lot of bikini beach tg captions. Tg bikini beach is a classic storyline. For the readers that are new to TG stories, in bikini beach usually the male goes to a private bikini beach where he purchases a pass for a day, week, month, season or life and finds himself transformed into a bikini girl after taking a shower. Afterwards, the real tg adventure begins.  Without further delay, I'll leave to enjoy these new six TG captions.


TG comic: Good lay

A short 5 panel TG comic for your Sunday morning. Paul is a bad boy. He constantly cheats on his girlfriend. Paul has just made his last big mistake. Now, his girlfriend is going to take matters in her hands and make sure Paul never cheats on her again, at least not in the same position as he used to...

In this Tg comic I started to experiment with making some TG transformation effects with Photoshop. Not too fancy but a beginning. Who would have thought making TG comics is educational?


Everything TG is working now

Ok, that was the fastest fix ever... well, maybe not. All the TG captions and TG comics are working now in the blog.

Fixing the tg blog

I know the blog is not working. There were some changes in the host and I'm working on fixing it. Thanks for your patience.

TG caption: In her panties!

I love good TG captions and if you are here, you probably do to. I have been taking a small break from creating new TG captions and comics because of a very busy schedule at work/life. Last night, I made some 10 new tg captions that are almost ready. In the meantime I'll leave you with a little tg caption transformation teaser.


TG caption of Independence Day

Happy 4th of July 2008! To celebrate the day America became America here is a good old TG American photo. I bet the founders are rolling on their grave right now... or not, since I'd still like to think of America as the land of freedom and equality.


TG in focus: tgcomics.com

For the first ever TG in focus, I must admit that www.tgcomics.com is hands down one of the best tg comics and captions website on the web. It features several authors that produce tg images of outstanding quality. Not only is the quality of the tg material really high, but this tg website is constantly being updated with new materials. It has tg photo comics, rendered 3d tg comics with poser, re-captioned newspaper comics with a tg twist. If you ever need your tg fix for the day, this is definitely one mandatory place to check out.

Transgender websites 'in focus'

I decided to start sharing with the community some interesting tg links I find when I'm exploring the vast internet. Sometimes I run into transgender transformation materials stories or just interesting sites that deal with fantasy tg transformation.  Whenever I do I'll post the links here . I know this is a slight deviation from comics. If you feel that you only me to talk about tg comics and stories then let me know.