TG comics are popular!

TG comics are very popular! After the release of 'Spy Games' many visitors came to check it out! This website was also mentioned by www.rebeccamolay.com. As Rebecca says, 'competition' in the TG comics world is great as it means there are more TG comics for people to read!

Because of the increase in traffic I had to purchase more bandwidth as it only took three days to use all of my prior plan's bandwidth :) Thank you very much for everyone who 'bought me a drink.' I appreciate it very much. Who would have known that having a website with images would take so much bandwidth? :)

I continue to struggle with what direction this website should take. In the meantime, while I play around with the design, I promise that I will continue to make more TG comics and captions.

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  1. I love your comics & captions! Many more please!