TG comic: Catshow

This was my first TG photo comic. The cat paint just looked to sexy to pass.

I got some other pictures of girls in a bathroom looking sexy to put the story together. I know that the faces don't match, but I'd figure everyone who visits this website probably has a very good imagination. I try to keep body type and hair color the same. I also look for pictures in positions where the face is slightly hidden to create the illusion of being the same person.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


  1. Great series! wondering where you got the pics from

  2. u i like the frist two parts of this cap can you do this to me i want to be the blonde girl please complete with breast and pussy and curves ad then i to am all wet liie a girl should be in my new pussy i want to be like this please! and the sooner the better i grow real tired of this male liv fe and want to be a young sexy girl once again!a dn then i want a lesbina lover to make love to and to fuck with please and why not!

  3. The catgirls are so hot!