TG comic: Assassin

Fresh of the press, tg comic "Assassin." It is the story of Frank who is one of the best hit men in the business. He accepts a job to kill a competing drug lord but this time he will have to get up close and personal to finish his mission.  I hope you enjoy it.

I have been working on this TG comic for a long time. The hardest part as always has been how to integrate the several different pictures of girls into a seamless tg story. Hopefully, as my tg storytelling skills evolve so will my computer skills. I hope one day to start using Poser to create the tg stories/comics from scratch. Well, enjoy... I need a vacation!


  1. Nice - loving it :)

  2. @Guest - Thank you very much for your comment. I have a few more ideas I'm working on so keep visiting.

  3. I really enjoyed this and the other comics you created. I'm also impressed by the way that you have merged the different sets of images together to form a complete story.

    After seeing your web page I've started down the path of trying to do the same thing with my own images (although I'm not planning on doing my own web page, but will try to submit to TG ro Spellbound I think), can you let me know what tool you use to create the comic pages and insert captions?

  4. @Victor -I'm glad that you enjoyed the TG comics and captions in this website and that you took the time to contact me. To create the pages and dialog I use Comic Life. It is a really easy program to use. It took me less than 10 minutes to figure out how everything works. I'm sure there are more powerful programs out there but I don't really need too many features. Good luck in creating new tg images and let me know when you post something anywhere. I'll look forward to take a look at it.