New website look.

Finally it is here! A complete new TG comic. And, a whole new (another) change of the looks of this website! I obviously will continue to spend an huge amount of time improving it. I plan to start working on a new TG comic sometime next week. To celebrate the new look, here it is the newest and longest TG comic so far!

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  1. I really do love these tg captioned images specially those where the guy is somehow finaly transformed into a real girl and realizes he has no way to escape but becomes a real female in the end and gets girl sex. I want that to happen to me. I've always kind of dreamed and imagined what it would be like to have this happen and become a girl and get screwd like a real girl. I would never go back if that did happen to me because that's what I have always wanted. Anyway, girls are so lucky in this way to get made love to as a girl. Oh Oh I could just feel it happening to me already. I want some of these nantites to transform me into a women so I can do this too!