New appreciation for tg artists

I have found new appreciation for tg artists that create tg comics, captions, and stories. It is a lot of work! I always visited tg websites and wished for more and more frequent updates not knowing the immense effort and work that goes behind each piece... or at least ignoring it. Now, that I have put up this tg comic and caption website, I finally get it! Creating new tg comics and captions takes time and we all have other things vying for out time.

TG artists sometimes have several tg comics and storylines going on and then a comic abruptly stops. I now understand why that happens. After looking around and working on one tg comic for hours. It gets pretty tiresome so the mind starts wondering about other story lines. I assume, then that the tg artist will start dabbling on other tg work and just loses interest on the previous one.

At times, the tg artist also starts to feel like it is a duty to update and create new material all the time. Other times, viewers even criticize the lack of new tg materials. This usually leads the artist to be frustrated and just stopping making new tg work. Case in point is Gendertech, who quit publishing his work. :(

On a lighter note, here is a TG caption.

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