5 tg captions added

I just finished 5 more tg captions.

The captions mention 'Formula XYX' which is also used in the tg comic 'Spy Games.' The formula is still experimental and can have side effects. It is a highly secret, guarded and valuable formula. Can you imagine how much people would play to be able to transform themselves into anybody? There could cheat death or use it for espionage. It is worth millions... but surprisingly it can be obtained in the black market for cheap too :-) otherwise how would the average joe or jane get into trouble? Formula XYX is nanites that transform the XY chromosome into XYX, so it adds an X for the feminine characteristics: breasts, face, vagina, etc. The nanites rearrange the penis inside the body and shape the outside as a realistic vagina, but it has no depth so there can't be any penetration... unless, something goes wrong, of course! It is an experimental drug/technology after all! Nanites are nano-technology; little tiny robots that can rearrange your DNA. The Formula XYX usually only lasts 48 hours then you must take the counter-agent, otherwise... who knows what can happen? :-D


  1. Males with XXY chromosomes have klineffelters syndrome that makes them effeminate sterile males. I think it would be best if you renamed it to "Formula XX" :)

  2. Thanks you for the input. I did not know that. But... this is males with 'XYX' not 'XXY'! :) 'XXY' would be for women that transform into men. :) Yeah, I'm kidding. I have no idea what I'm talking about and just making up stuff. I think Formula XX would be a good name, but remember that the Formula does not transform men completely into women. I guess Formula XYX gives it an 'unknown' factor.