TG comic: Assassin

Fresh of the press, tg comic "Assassin." It is the story of Frank who is one of the best hit men in the business. He accepts a job to kill a competing drug lord but this time he will have to get up close and personal to finish his mission.  I hope you enjoy it.

I have been working on this TG comic for a long time. The hardest part as always has been how to integrate the several different pictures of girls into a seamless tg story. Hopefully, as my tg storytelling skills evolve so will my computer skills. I hope one day to start using Poser to create the tg stories/comics from scratch. Well, enjoy... I need a vacation!


New tg captions and short tg comic

I just added 4 tg captions and a very short tg comic based on bikini beach. I 'm also happy to announce that I'm almost done with the "Assassin" tg comic. It is about 70 pages now. I have been busy with other things and with little time to work on tg materials. But, as promised I will continue to make new stuff as long as humanly possible.  I finished the layout of tg comic "Assassin." All that is left is to put in the dialog on the last 6 panels of the comic! Then... another tg comic is born! I should be able to finish it by Monday.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the the new tg captions and short tg comic.


tg captions and gay marriage

I just added some more captions. I made 2 lesbian/gay marriage captions to celebrate California's first lesbian/gay weddings. I could say a lot of things on equality but this is a tg comics blog so won't get into a long argument with anyone. I'll just say that "separate is not equal" to the people who say that homosexuals can get 'united' but shouldn't be called 'marriage.'  We had this same argument about race.

Human + Human = Marriage


Everything is working again... I hope!

I think everything is back up again. You should not have any problems seeing the tg comics and captions.

Site not working

I'm aware that the site where all the tg comics and captions are is not working. My webhost had to change servers and something went wrong in the process. I'm looking into it to fix it as soon as possible.


New appreciation for tg artists

I have found new appreciation for tg artists that create tg comics, captions, and stories. It is a lot of work! I always visited tg websites and wished for more and more frequent updates not knowing the immense effort and work that goes behind each piece... or at least ignoring it. Now, that I have put up this tg comic and caption website, I finally get it! Creating new tg comics and captions takes time and we all have other things vying for out time.

TG artists sometimes have several tg comics and storylines going on and then a comic abruptly stops. I now understand why that happens. After looking around and working on one tg comic for hours. It gets pretty tiresome so the mind starts wondering about other story lines. I assume, then that the tg artist will start dabbling on other tg work and just loses interest on the previous one.

At times, the tg artist also starts to feel like it is a duty to update and create new material all the time. Other times, viewers even criticize the lack of new tg materials. This usually leads the artist to be frustrated and just stopping making new tg work. Case in point is Gendertech, who quit publishing his work. :(

On a lighter note, here is a TG caption.


Almost done with next photo comic.

I started working on the next photo comic today named -- Assassin.  I ran into some problems as my computer froze and I lost a 12 pages that I had already done. I restarted the computer and hoped that I had saved recently, but I hadn't. Previously, I had done the video capture for the photo comic and then lost that too. I had to go capture all 300 screen shoots again.  As frustrated as I was about these setbacks I managed to still put in some time to finish some 45 pages!  The photo comic is coming along nicely and should be finished soon! I just spent some 6 hours in front of the computer and I have other things to do! :)


TG comics are popular!

TG comics are very popular! After the release of 'Spy Games' many visitors came to check it out! This website was also mentioned by www.rebeccamolay.com. As Rebecca says, 'competition' in the TG comics world is great as it means there are more TG comics for people to read!

Because of the increase in traffic I had to purchase more bandwidth as it only took three days to use all of my prior plan's bandwidth :) Thank you very much for everyone who 'bought me a drink.' I appreciate it very much. Who would have known that having a website with images would take so much bandwidth? :)

I continue to struggle with what direction this website should take. In the meantime, while I play around with the design, I promise that I will continue to make more TG comics and captions.

5 tg captions added

I just finished 5 more tg captions.

The captions mention 'Formula XYX' which is also used in the tg comic 'Spy Games.' The formula is still experimental and can have side effects. It is a highly secret, guarded and valuable formula. Can you imagine how much people would play to be able to transform themselves into anybody? There could cheat death or use it for espionage. It is worth millions... but surprisingly it can be obtained in the black market for cheap too :-) otherwise how would the average joe or jane get into trouble? Formula XYX is nanites that transform the XY chromosome into XYX, so it adds an X for the feminine characteristics: breasts, face, vagina, etc. The nanites rearrange the penis inside the body and shape the outside as a realistic vagina, but it has no depth so there can't be any penetration... unless, something goes wrong, of course! It is an experimental drug/technology after all! Nanites are nano-technology; little tiny robots that can rearrange your DNA. The Formula XYX usually only lasts 48 hours then you must take the counter-agent, otherwise... who knows what can happen? :-D


Spy Games ending fixed.

Thanks for all the comments. By the way, I just noticed I accidently had deleted the last TG comic panel and so panel number 67 was actually wrong… oops.

So I fixed it and now the comic has a “better” ending.


TG comic: Spy Games

As promised the 67 page TG comic I was talking about! It is a story about a young uprising male corporate ladder climber that volunteers to be transformed into a sexy girl to spy on the competition and steal some DNA formula. This comic is long and XXX rated. It took me more than 8 hours to do!

It is also the first time I used a comic program, which made it a lot easier to write the dialogue. I think in the future I will make TG comics using the same look as this one. What do you think?

New website look.

Finally it is here! A complete new TG comic. And, a whole new (another) change of the looks of this website! I obviously will continue to spend an huge amount of time improving it. I plan to start working on a new TG comic sometime next week. To celebrate the new look, here it is the newest and longest TG comic so far!

TG comic: Lifeguard

This idea of this TG comic came about when I was surfing the web for pictures. I thought the girls' expression at the end were very good to make up a short TG story. Enjoy.

TG comic: Catshow

This was my first TG photo comic. The cat paint just looked to sexy to pass.

I got some other pictures of girls in a bathroom looking sexy to put the story together. I know that the faces don't match, but I'd figure everyone who visits this website probably has a very good imagination. I try to keep body type and hair color the same. I also look for pictures in positions where the face is slightly hidden to create the illusion of being the same person.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


New image content management system (CMS)

For visitors who are here again. You notice that I changed the image CMS. I was playing around with SimpleViewer first but now I changed it to ZenPhoto, which is great! It can handle a lot more pictures.

At the moment, there are three TG captions and two TG photo comics on the gallery. And, in the past weeks I have been talking about the upcoming 67 page TG photo comic I finished. I'll put them up pretty soon. Web design has taken too much of my time. I hope that eventually I will spend more time working on new TG comic materials instead of designing this site. I hope to at least get a good design and look then leave it alone.

5/6/2011 update: There isn't a gallery anymore since I moved the blog to blogger. The above information is dated and just kept for historical purposes.

Welcome to a new TG comics website!

It is very exciting indeed to finally get this TG comic website up. After a long time being a Tg lurker in the internet, I finally decided to come up with my "own" materials. This website will focus on comics, images, graphics, stories of transgender nature. I will also rant here every once in awhile because I can :-P But, will try to keep things on topic.

This website is also an experiement on webdesign. I'm not a programmer by trade so I'm learning as I go along. I'll try and keep annoyances and page errors to a minimum. So, welcome and enjoy!